The Allen Classic Trial

Sunday 27 November 2016

The full final results are available for download. The organisers’ summary follows and is also available as a PDF.

The 71st ALLEN  2017 – Frosty Start dry but muddy under tyres !

As day broke in the trailer field, we hope you enjoyed the views across the M4 and beyond. Once again the Bull was a hive of activity dealing with even more competitors than last year. By the time the first cars left the frost had gone and the weather remained dry and not too cold for the rest of the event.

The classic early Hills provided a gentle start but the restart on Bitton Lane once again caught out a few, including some experienced drivers. We hope Big Uplands provided an enjoyable climb for all despite the large puddles that had to be crossed to reach it. Guy’s Hill however once again began to sort out the classes. The slippery stones of the hill, caught out most on the restart although 5 class 8 and eventual event winner Ray Ferguson in his class 7 Liege went clean,. Traver’s rocky track with separate lower restarts for yellow and red once again caught out a number across the classes and caused some delay.

The misnamed Ubley Wood provided the next challenges on the muddy exposed hillside Both sections caught a number of scalps across the classes Ubley 2 with its high restart for 8 caught out all but eventual Class winner Charlie Knifton, Neal Vile and Michael Weeks. Ubley Observed Test once again required a careful approach to avoid sliding down the slope after Line B. The fastest time was Dean Partington (D.P. Wasp) 18.5 seconds. Malt and Salt did well at Chew Valley as many took advantage and enjoyed the fish and chips.

Burledge, this time a long climb with a high restart for 8 and a much lower restart for the rest caught out a few across the classes. The trial then headed into Fry’s Bottom. These wooded sections proved popular and once again ran efficiently although the sections probably need further thought and development next year. 12 cars across the classes completed the Observed Test here in less than 14 seconds with Charlie Knifton (VW Scorpion) being fastest on 12.4 seconds. The trial then headed back through the outskirts of Bath to the infamous John Walker, a good blast to end the day but not to be taken too lightly as some found out.

Our Chairman’s sticker system at the start went well and having two on the hill thanks to experienced marshal Keith Sanders meant that there was no real queue when course closing arrived. Once again the floodlights were not needed as the final cars climbed the section as the light failed. The slightly longer journey back to the Bull through Doynton hopefully was better than last year as once again the A 46 was very slow as Christmas Market Shoppers left Bath along with weekenders heading for the M4 & London.

Once again 6 of the 7 classes appeared in the top 10 and there were two clean sheets. Ray and Hannah Ferguson in their White Liege who were 4.5 seconds faster win the Allen Trophy. And Tim Nayler and Emma Facey in their BMW Z3 win the Redcliffe Cup for best Clubman.

Many thanks to all of you who help to make the trial such a success. Especially the marshals, many of whom come out year after year, the recovery vehicles, which are essential to the smooth running at Ubley and Travers, and of course the competitors.

Carlie, Pete, Mark & Tim.

Secretary of the Meeting, Carlie Hart 0117 9372611 or email

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