Bristol MC All-rounders Championship

Bristol Motor Club Championships are open only to paid-up members of Bristol Motor Club. No registration is necessary and no additional fees are payable, but participants must hold an MSA Competition Licence where required to enter the qualifying rounds.

AllRounders Championship Coordinator Dave Greenslade

This championship offers the prospect of an award to non-competing members, as points are scored for marshalling and organising as much as for competing. In fact, only a 1st in Class in a competitive event scores more than a day marshalling. Points may be scored at all BMC-organised competitive events; additional events may be included at the committee’s discretion. The scoring system is explained in the Supplementary Regs. The winner and runner-up each receives a handsome trophy, respectively the Chappell Cup and the Bristol 2000cc Cup, plus the top three each get a souvenir award to keep. Results from previous years may be found on the Results Archive page.