The Roy Fedden Sporting Trial

Sunday 12 November 2017

This year’s Roy Fedden Trophy Sporting Trial was run very successfully at our old Down venue near Thornbury and we thank all those Competitors who entered.

The conditions proved wetter than anticipated – we knew that we had heavy rain on the Saturday as we were laying out the sections in it (!) but weren’t sure how much rain had fallen overnight. Also, the rain can take a while before it significantly alters conditions on the ground, and this venue doesn’t get all the run-off water that Dyrham used to get. Anyway, the circular route again seemed to make the event flow smoothly. The extra shower during the briefing & 2 minutes silence wasn’t very welcome and the sunshine didn’t last very long and it was pretty cold by the end.

As last year, here are the scores in both finishing order and running order.

I must thank our Results team of Allen Harris and Nick Rainbow for their excellent support and taking pressure off me on the day: it allows me to spend more time making sure everything is going smoothly. I was also able to e-mail the provisional results to Janet & Duncan the same evening. Thanks also to Dave Harris as Clerk of the Course and to Angie again helping me with signing on and other Secretarial duties.

Once again we also had an excellent turn-out of marshals. I know you guys & girls really love this event but your help is really appreciated and gets particular mention from the Competitors as we have about 3 times the number compared with most other events.

The Awards are as follows:

Roy Fedden Trophy
(Red Independent)
Roland Uglow
Alexander Duckham Trophy
(Red Independent)
John Fack
1st Class Red, Live Axle Ian Wright
1st Class Blue, Independent Martin Grimwood
2nd Class Blue, Independent Pat Henson
1st Class Blue, Live Axle Arthur Carroll
1st Rookie Kiel Wright
Roy Fedden Bouncer’s Trophy Beth Carroll

Congratulations to Roland for retaining the Trophy for a hat-trick of wins, this year with a different passenger. If anyone would like to write anything about the event for our Club magazine, please could you email that to Matt Nichols.

Thank you again for your support, both Competitors and Marshals. We hope you will return next year. Have an enjoyable remainder of the Season, a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Tony Streeting – Secretary of the Meeting

(Download a PDF of this summary)

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