About Us


The entry-level sport of choice. You have to use your standard road car and drive it to the event - and home again afterwards. It's a test of agility rather than pure speed - but it's intense, exhilarating - and fun! [click. . .]


Bristol Motor Club organises sprints at Castle Combe and Llandow Circuits. Entry is open to a wide range of cars from Production Road Cars and Kit Cars through to Single Seater Racing cars [click. . .]

Speed Hillclimbs

Much like sprinting, but the challenge is different: the uphill course is often shorter and narrower - a good example being Wiscombe Park, set in beautiful Devon Countryside [click. . .]


The sport of Trialing is as old as the hills - well as old as the motor car anyway. These cars can sail up hills most people have trouble walking up, but they are specialised, or at least prepared for the challenge [click. . .]

Social Activities

We meet socially every month, sometimes for a quiz or a guest speaker, but always with the opportunity for an informal drink and a chat. We compete in a Karting Endurance challenge every year, and there are a couple of navigational events during the darker months. [click. . .]

Heritage Events

Since our Centenary in 2011 we've been building links with classic and single-make car clubs so that now, for one day each summer, we can fill the Castle Combe paddock with sports, GT and touring cars of all ages and give their drivers the opportunity to go out on the track with their friends and family on board [click. . .]

South Gloucestershire Show

We ran an open invitation grass Autotest at the show’s inaugural running in 2014 and have been back every year since.  Members of the public are invited to compete around a course marked out by cones, their two [click. . .]

Charity Events

Supercar Saturday has, for the last 10 years, been a major fund-raising event for the Stroke Association at Castle Combe, and since 2010 we've supported the event by running a Slalom Autotest in the paddock. Anyone can enter, and get a feel for real motorsport while supporting the Association's essential work. [click. . .]

Other Associations

The Club is recognised by Motorsport UK, which governs all UK Motor Sport. It is a member of the Association of South West Motor Clubs (ASWMC), Welsh Association of Motor Clubs (WAMC), Association of West Midlands Motor [click. . .]