Vincenzo & Son Bristol MX5 Challenge

Bristol Motor Club Championships are open only to paid-up members of Bristol Motor Club. No additional fees are payable, but participants must hold an MSA Competition Licence where required to enter the qualifying rounds.

MX5 Challenge Coordinator Andy Laurence
What is it?

For 2017 it’s a 7-round series comprising 2 sprints at Castle Combe Circuit, 1 sprint at Llandow circuit, 1 sprint at Clay Pigeon, two AutoSolos at Kemble, and two at Chepstow Race Course (though see footnote*). The series is open to normally aspirated Mazda MX5 and Eunos models and a completely standard road car is both eligible and competitive. The emphasis is on affordable fun and excessive modifications are discouraged.

What do I need?
  • Bristol Motor Club membership
  • To register your interest in the championship so you get the entry forms for events (
  • A road legal Mazda MX5 where the modifications from standard comply with the regulations
  • The sprints require a Non-Race National B racing licence, which you can order from the MSA website
  • You need personal safety equipment for the sprints, as regulated by the MSA.  A helmet (not a motorbike one), race suit and gloves complying with the correct certification are the minimum equipment.
  • Read the Regulations (aka Regs or SRs)
What do I win?

Class winners at each event receive a trophy. The winner at the end of the season will pick up their award at the annual Awards Day celebrations at the start of 2017. There’s no cash prize, but you can’t put a price on happiness and a round of applause.

Isn’t motorsport dangerous and expensive?

Not all motorsport involves hugely expensive cars going 6 abreast into a corner and the massive pileup that inevitably follows. All the rounds in the Bristol Motor Club MX5 Challenge are competitions against the clock. You will not be on track with other cars, which means you won’t be held up by the car ahead and you won’t get punted off the track by the fool behind. The sprints are high speed events on circuits licensed by the MSA who deem them of the required safety standards. AutoSolos are low speed affairs that are safe enough that helmets are not required and the major financial worry is the contents of your fuel tank and the price of your lunch.

Click for the 2017 Supplementary Regs (permit number will follow)

*NB The Chepstow venue is no longer available, and the March AutoSolo has sadly been cancelled. Watch this website for news about the July AutoSolo.

Please click for the 2017 Points Table