The Watkins Trophy

The following has been adapted from an article in the monthly journal of the Bristol Motor Cycle & Light Car Club, April 1951 Following the death of Walter Watkins, a collection was made towards making a scale [click. . .]

The Roy Fedden Trophy

This impressive sterling silver cup was presented to the club in 1935 by Sir Roy Fedden. It stands approximately 350mm high on its original plinth, and is about 250mm wide across the handles. The hallmark dates the [click. . .]

The Joe Fry Trophy

In 1936, two young students, Hugh Dunsterville and David Fry, put together a racing car from parts they bought in a Redcliffe scrap yard for a few pounds. At its debut a few months later at the Backwell Speed Hillclimb, [click. . .]

The Hastings Trophy

In the mid-1940s a craze developed for Tethered Car Racing, in which roughly 1/12 scale model cars powered by tiny petrol engines, tethered by a wire cable to a central post, run at high speed round a circular concrete [click. . .]