The Allen Classic Trial

Competitors have to drive up a narrow, steep, muddy slope without getting stuck. Then back on the road and drive to the next one. A dozen hills, 80-odd road miles, in a day…that's all. 2019 date is 24 November [click. . .]


The entry-level sport of choice. You have to use your standard road car and drive it to the event - and home again afterwards. It's a test of agility rather than pure speed - but it's intense, exhilarating - and fun! [click. . .]

South Gloucestershire Show

We ran an open invitation grass Autotest at the show’s inaugural running in 2014 and have been back every year since.  Members of the public are invited to compete around a course marked out by cones, their two [click. . .]

Charity Events

Supercar Saturday has, for the last 10 years, been a major fund-raising event for the Stroke Association at Castle Combe, and since 2010 we've supported the event by running a Slalom Autotest in the paddock. Anyone can enter, and get a feel for real motorsport while supporting the Association's essential work. [click. . .]

The Dick Mayo Sprint

The second of our two annual sprints at Castle Combe welcomes all classes, from Production Road Cars and Kit Cars through to Radicals and Single-seaters. 2019 date is 27 July [click. . .]

Navigational Scatter

The essence of this type of event is to maintain a time schedule through a series of control points by following route instructions which challenge your map-reading and observation skills. You’ll find it useful to [click. . .]

The Great Western Sprint

This multi-lap sprint at Castle Combe produces a competitive run of 3.3 miles, probably the longest sprint course in the country. 2019 date is 23rd March [click. . .]